Thought Leader. Prolific Writer.
LinkedIn Top Voice.

Tai is a leading contributor on LinkedIn and Forbes where he writes about marketing strategy, personal innovation, thought leadership, and millennials. His thought leadership led national debates, ranging from Starbucks’ failed #RaceTogether campaign to the viral phenomenon of #TheDress. LinkedIn recognized Tai as the top writer of the year in its inaugural Top Voices list, which included Bill Gates and Richard Branson.

“For example, Tai Tran, the youngest member of the Top Voices list. I find him fascinating. He wrote a piece earlier this year that I thought was the most fascinating piece on why Starbucks’ Race Together campaign didn’t work. Not because of the topic, but because it didn’t fit their brand promise—analyzing why people go to Starbucks and why it didn’t fit. Lots has been written about that, but he did it better than 95% of traditional journalists.” -Daniel Roth, Executive Editor at LinkedIn

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